Currently we have 124 lines each week on Twincl that is raising £3224 per year for the trust. A big thank you to all that have purchased tickets. Since the inception in July 2018 our supporters have raised an incredible £4,447. Happily they have also won £1000 for themselves. You can add to this by signing up at Good luck to you all.

We also have 82 supporters who raise money on Easyfundraising just by buying some of their shopping on the internet. Anything from groceries to insurance, from furniture to electronics, from holidays to changing energy suppliers. So far they have raised £2428.89 and it didn’t cost them a penny extra. Want to know more, visit: using this link will raise an extra £5 for the trust too.

Alan Boney

Looking for everyone who reads a page on our site to become a Trust member to support us in the great stories and history we are making. It's costs very little, but means a huge amount.

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